Repeaters ONLINE


Information on our local Repeaters

VHF & UHF repeaters are located on the top of Mt Washington so they have excellent coverage.

The UHF Link is on the Island Trunk.

443.700 (+shift, pl tone 141.3) note: the Island Trunk is always on.

The VHF link has an open Autopatch.

146.62 (- shift, pl tone 141.3) autopatch DTMF control codes: *1 up, # down.



IRLP Monitor - Click Here

IRLP Basic Instructions - Irlp Guidelines

  To dial a Irlp node: Enter the number.
  To dial a echolink node: Dial a * then node number.-- Echolink Status
  To hangup dial: 73

DTMF CC will get you the date

DTMF C will get you the time

You can test how well you’re getting in, by USING THE ECHO function.
Transmit 9999, release the key, then key again and say a few words

To cancel echo function dial:73

146.910 (- shift, pl tone 141.3)
IRLP node Number 1985
Echolink node Number 580553
Located at North Island College, Comox Valley Campus, so this is a local coverage repeater.
This machine has IRLP & ECHOLINK  ONLINE


146.780 (- shift, pl tone 141.3)
Located on face of Mt Washington. Great coverage on west side of the Island.



VE7RAP Digital Repeater Dashboard  ONLINE

VE7RAP - Digital

Repeater transmit 449.500 (- shift, no tone)  Working somewhat.

Repeater receive 444.500

Operating on fusion, D-Star & DMR (D-Star & DMR require network registration)

Please let us know if you have any issues. Fusion appears to be a bit deaf.

 For more information regarding setting up your digital radio to work with digital modes you can visit Ed Gorse's YouTube channel and browse his how-to videos. Lots of good info there.