2017 Ham Radio Training


Please see HAM course information below.  Please note that the Advanced course is open, subject to available space, to CVEP Emergency Radio Operator volunteers and members of the Comox Valley Amateur Radio Club, all of whom it is assumed already have their Basic.


Basic and Advanced Amateur Radio courses (HAMs) are being offered and subsidized by CVEP on consecutive Sundays starting Sunday, October 15 from  0930-1500 hrs.


These courses are being offered to members of CVEP Planning Committee first and, depending on participant registration, may be offered out to CV local government staff and then general community members. Maximum spots: 20. Minimum required: 6


If you and/or your team members are interested, we ask that you register by no later than Thursday, Oct 05 with Selena at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or 250-334-6073


The Basic will  begin  Sunday, October 15th, 2017 with the last day being November  05

This course will be for those wishing to obtain their Basic or Basic with Honours Amateur Radio License. 


The Advanced course will begin Sunday, November 12 with the last day being December 3rd.

The second course is for those who already have their Basic license and who wish to obtain their Advanced license. 


The fee for each course is $30. 

There is no fee for the license itself and, once issued by Industry Canada, the license is good for life.


Lunch will NOT be provided. We ask that you bring bag lunches to the course days as the agenda timeline will not allow enough time to go out.