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This page lists connection instructions for various digital radios to our new repeater.
Also connection/disconnection instructions to remote reflectors/nodes/or rooms.

The new repeater is named VA7RAP and is currently sitting at Rod's house until it is fully built and tested.
It will relace the old 91 repeater VA7RAP when we are happy with it and have decided where to put it.
It is sitting on UHF at TX 449.500 mhz and RX 444.500 mhz
There will be new functionality added regularly.
You can visit the dashboard for this repeater by going to the home page of our website and scrolling down to the link: "VE7RAP Dashboard"

At this time it supports digital radios that use the following modes:
Fusion/C4FM - Yaesu
D-Star - Icom
DMR - various suppliers

Connection instruction for various digital radios are as follows:

Yaesu FT-70D
- Make sure that the latest firmware is installed. Follow the Yaesu supplied instructions EXACTLY !
- Tune to 449.500 mHz, - shift, no tones needed.
- Press the mode key to switch to digital mode...DM appears on the lower left corner of the screen.
- At this stage you can use it as a regular digital repeater and talk to any other Yaesu digital radios in range of the repeater.
- To talk to remote reflectors on the YDS digital network:
- Press the F key then the AMS key...WIRES appears flashing untill connected then CONECT appears then VE7RAP-RPT
- Locate a reflector access code for a reflector you wish to enter here:
The 5 digit code is in the 1st column, marked ID
- Turn the knob on top of the radio until the En (Entry)screen appears
- Enter the 5 digit reflector ID using the keypad then press the AMS key
- When the CONECT messege appears you are connected to that reflector and can chat away to anyone listening on that reflector
- If the screen flashes for 15 seconds or so then times out that reflector is not available or too busy.
Try another ID
- When you are finished with that reflector press and hold the BAND key to disconnect.
- You can then enter another ID on the En screen or exit the YDS digital network by pressing and holding the MODE key.
*** It is important to exit the reflector with the BAND key and exit the digital portion of the repeater with the MODE key to free up the system for other users.***

Yaesu FTM-100DR (coming soon)