Wednesday October 11th, 2017


78 Repeater Update.

As most of you may be aware our 78 repeater has gone on the fritz.

Last night we voted on looking at repairing the repeater.


While repairing the repeater for future use in another location may be a viable option in the long run. (Upgrade our Crystal controlled 91 system?)

The repeater has been deemed unreliable and the transmitter output is dirty.


What this means is that due to the fact of our current location. (911 Repeater site)

We can and are no longer welcome to operate this repeater at that site with the current transmitter.


In an effort to maintain our spot on Mt Washington I have given the green light to replacing the current equipment.


I have also reached out to other clubs and organizations in the hopes of paying for the replacement to reduce our/my burden.


If you have any fund-raising ideas, please contact us.